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How to update our telegram?

According to the report of the Virtual Technology Department of the Cyberspace Group of the Young Journalists Club; Today, human interaction with technology has forced them to use personal computers and smartphones. In a way, it can be said that human life today is tied to smartphones, and human beings need these smartphones in such a way that if they do not have them one day, their lives may be disrupted.

The main and integral part of smartphones is the software and programs that are installed in these phones, making them easier to use and increase their usability.

Different software companies, in order to be able to remain competitive in the market with similar software, are always trying to fix possible bugs and improve the quality of their software, and therefore, every once in a while, they update their software and a new update. They make it available to their users.

One of the most useful telegram services in recent years is Telegram Messenger. The manufacturer of Telegram, like other messengers, always provides updates to improve the quality of this software, updates that sometimes become so important and vital that if they do not take place, the software may stop working.

Some users always have problems with the Telegram update and are dissatisfied with the incomplete update. Join us in this report to discuss how to properly update Telegram Messenger on Android and iOS phones.


There are two ways to update Telegram software on Android phones:
1. Using "Bazaar" software
2. Using the "Google Play Store" software


It was three weeks ago that we wrote to you that Telegram version 6.3 beta allows you to put a video instead of a profile picture. This feature is now provided with the official Telegram update. Of course, there are more features than this. It is said that Telegram 6.3 update with video profile capability and 2 GB file submission has been provided. We also see other small and large features to improve the user experience.

Telegram update 6.3
Today's update of Telegram includes the video profile feature (video instead of profile photo) with improved features for the distance of people close to you, unlimited file sharing with a maximum of 2 GB per file, thumbnail or thumbnail photos in the chat list and telegram learning notifications, group statistics, and more.

Video instead of profile picture

Offer today

Play without borders!
15 times faster than regular hard drives
Play without borders! 15 times faster than regular hard drives

You can now put a video in your profile and select any frame you like for your static profile picture in chats. Capture yourself in reality, or blink and wave like the people in a magical Harry Potter image.

Like uploaded videos, our media editor helps you improve quality, or you can even decorate yourself with animated stickers.

By changing your modes, you can quickly return to the previous profile photo or video by tapping "Set as Original". Great for rewriting time and staying young forever!

Video editing to level skin smoothing and more

There was talk of a media editor, and now we have to say that every photo or video you take with your camera has a smoothing option in the media editor. But you do not need to see a legend, because you are a legend right now.

Improved "close people" section
Profile videos make meeting new people dozens of times more interesting, and on this occasion, we have improved this part of the close people section.

When people call you through the People Nearby section, you can see how far apart they are. And when chatting with someone nearby, Telegram offers a greeting tag to break the ice. Fortunately, all of our labels are extroverted.

Now that people are carefully emerging in this brave new world, it's time to make friends and increase the planet's population again (!) Or oh no please don't do that, but compare your stickers do. Go to Contacts> Find people close by and tap "Make myself visible".

Tomb-Neil images on the general chat page

Have you ever wondered if the received image is just another joke or the selfie you have been waiting for? Thanks to Tom-Neil images on the general chat page, be instantly informed of what the media is in the mesغیر مجاز می باشدe.

Thumbnails also appear in notifications and mesغیر مجاز می باشدe search results. Never miss a photo of a cat.

Separate new chats from your non-target instagram
Thanks to the feature of close people and groups with more than 200,000 members, you can always find someone to chat with. Public figures sometimes have the opposite problem and may want to reduce their attention, we've covered that too.

If you receive a lot of mesغیر مجاز می باشدes from non-contacts, try the new privacy and security settings key to automatically mute archiving and ignoring new chats from people who are not in your contacts. You can access these chats at any time from the archive folder and return them to the main chat list.

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